Opportunity to Influence Broadband Availability for Burke County

Burke County officials wants to influence our future quality of life, economic development and educational opportunities for everyone with improved and expanded broadband internet connectivity.  On April 7, 2014, a short satisfaction survey will be available for you to indicate your level of service, or lack of service.

The survey consists of four simple questions and your home address information.  You’re not asked to provide your name, or required to provide any other contact information.  The survey was developed by the NC Department of Commerce and it will enable the county to obtain service demand information related to the presence or absence of broadband service throughout the county, or the need to improve current service levels.  Thousands of people in Burke County don’t have broadband internet service especially in remote areas of the county.  The lack of accurate service demand information prevents broadband service providers from risking private investment to place the needed infrastructure in these areas.  No provider is going to risk large investment cost if they don’t know there is sufficient demand for the service to make it worth their while.  This survey will accumulate the necessary information for potential service providers and provide information that may be needed to obtain grants to help with the process.

The survey will be available on line at www.ncbroadband.gov  and in paper form for people that don’t have internet service for approximately sixty (60) days starting April 7, 2014.  Our local Volunteer Fire Departments will have paper copies of the survey available for completion and all Burke County Libraries will have computers available for people to take the survey on line as well as paper copies of the survey for anyone that may prefer to complete a paper copy.

The listed volunteer fire departments have agreed to participate in provision of the paper broadband survey and they will have someone at their stations between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Brendletown Fire Department
George Hildebran Fire Department
Icard Township Fire Department
Lovelady Fire Department
Oak Hill Fire Department
Salem Fire Department
Triple Community Fire Department
West End Fire Department

 Jonas Ridge EMS Base will be the location for the Jonas Ridge Community and Glen Alpine Town Hall will be the location for that area.


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